Matthew Diggins

Born in 1983 in Tucson, Matthew was groomed by his humble parents to be a corporate tycoon in the trash industry. As glamorous and rewarding as that may sound, he always dreamt of being more. So, instead of studying business and accounting, Matthew pursued his interests in the Fine Arts, much to the chagrin of his parents and polite society at large. He has slowly and arduously honed his skills through practice and study of the Old Masters. In 2007 his first children's book, Andrew and the Secret Gallery was published by Red Cygnet Press. Matthew still resides in Tucson and spends his time drawing, painting and generally annoying the other Citizen's Building artists.

In the last year, Matthew's work has been featured on the cover of both Zocalo Magazine and The Tucson Weekly. He recently showed his work at Etherton Gallery in Tucson.


Forest Nude 1