A.T. Willett 80's

Tom Willett

Artist statement:
“These 1980s Archive photographs, captured with a Nikon camera using Kodak TriX or Kodachrome 35mm film, document tiny moments in time and the complex relationships between people and their environment. ­There is a thin line which separates black from white, life from death, love from hate, beauty from ugliness, compassion from contempt, my life will present both sides if I’m open enough to see this complex dichotomy. If I can stand in the middle of this thin, shifting, line with a camera, the moments I capture will reveal truth and beauty.” These images are my stories, remain, a frozen moment captured in time.

Artist Work:
A.T. Willett local Tucson photographer uses beautiful light and color to create dramatic fine art photographs. His large format prints have been shown in the Tucson Museum of Art and Etherton Gallery. His fine art photographs are in the University of Arizona Special Collection, the Alliance Bank Collection, the City of Tucson Public Art Collection, the Ritz Carlton at Dove Mountain and in other private collections. Willett’s images have been used in internationally in magazines, books, posters, calendars, advertisements, and nonprofit educational publications. “My photographs have been used around the world from the first page of IBM.com, TIME.com, LIFE.com all the way to a stolen photograph in an Al Qaeda propaganda site.” These 80’s Archive Photographs represent his first 10 years as a photojournalist.