Joe Marshall - Pork Chop Press

Joe Marshall

Tool Wood Ink Paper

Using a strong sense of composition, at it's root relief printmaking is a conversation between the tool and the wood and between the ink and the paper.

Pork Chop Press is dedicated to the power of printmaking, and in the power of multiples in spreading that message. I carve mostly wood, as wood has a spirit and energy that changes from block to block. I am a guide for the tool as it cuts the block and the image and spirit of the print lives in the printing.

"I advise the layman to spread India Ink on an uncarved board lay paper on top of it, and print it. He will get a black print but the result is not the blackness of ink, it is the blackness of prints."

"If there is anything here (on the print) that is inferior to an uncarved block then I have not created my print. I have lost to the board."

–Munakata Shiko 1903-75

I also cuts stencils and work in mixed media printmaking. I am a member of Arizona Print Group, and teach at The Drawing Studio. Printmakers I love Jose Guadalupe Posada, Artemio Rodriguez, Munakata Shiko, Hiroshiage, Tom Huck, Drive by Press and my favorite MC-Escher. Prints are where it is at bros, so PEACE!