Rudy Flores

This Heart Has Left its Hive - Rudy Flores

This Heart Has Left its Hive

The pieces I have gathered for Wee Gallery are either personal pieces or works developed for local and national bands. Some of these pieces were created by commission while others were adopted by bands seeking art. Music has been a great resource for the development of my art and typically fuels my ideas. Although these pieces aren't literal representations of the songs I enjoy, they are the result of the general feel the music provides. Not being a musician, it has been a privilege to still make a contribution to the music world.

A majority of the pieces are hand pressed linocuts. I have also used my experience in sign-making to develop some pieces into lighted art. I have also included some acrylic paintings, which is a media I'm currently exploring and excited to share for the first time at Wee Gallery.

Rudy Flores

Rudy Flores is a graphic designer and has been employed by Cook & Company Sign makers for 17 years. Through Cook and Co. he has had the opportunity to be a part of the Historical Sign Restoration which includes local neon landmarks such as the Diving Girl, El Con, San Carlos, The Arizonan Motel, Tropicana and the Buffet.

Having this sign and graphic design background has influenced his art style. He approaches art by using few elements and strives to get the most impact out of them. Being from the sign industry, he relied on digital means to create art. Striving for a more hand-done look, he took up linocuts. The linocuts provided the naturally distressed look he had been trying to mimic digitally for years. He is now exploring the look of the linocut pieces combined with his knowledge of sign making. Each piece is developed to look like it may be a part of a book that doesn't exist. A page torn from a book leaving you to wonder what happened before and after that event.