Marcy Miranda Janes

Artist Marcy Miranda Janes is an Oregon-born paper and fiber artist living in Tucson where the abundance of fantastic insects, odd birds and spiny plants become symbols of longings, memories, dread, and hope in the forms of cut-paper pelvis valentines, carved books, and baptismal gown lamps.

Influenced by Victorian valentines, Mexican papel picado, field notebooks, travel diaries and mythology, this show features elements of bone, clay, teeth, roots, and seeds in addition to cut paper pieces.

From Tom - An artist of this caliber needs to be recognized on a more national scale. We are so happy to have her at Wee Gallery. Historical technique screams authenticity and Marcy has a genius with the medium. An elegant tip of the hat to etching, and woodcut printing, she is making new territory in this unique artform for the love of just that, the technique. There is no doubt her skills would be easily transfered to other forms of art, but the route she has taken embeds that much more meaning.