Mykl Wells

Do you really care if I’m an abstract geomorphic expressionist who’s trying to blur the lines between homoerotic subtext in socioeconomic micro-cultures of the bandy legged yak? Really?

Art is visceral, a concept grabs you or it doesn’t. There are a few things I want you to know and I’ll spare you the rest.

Almost every thing I use comes out of dumpsters. The surfaces I paint on, much of the paper in the wire sculpture, even the oil paints! You may wish for its hasty return to the dumpster after perusing the offerings. However, if you have the discerning taste, moral caliber, towering intellect, good looks and mountains of cash that it takes to truly enjoy my work, I want you to know that this garbage is affordable and odor free.

I like those dirty things that lounge about the periphery of our minds. Mystic carrots, axe wielding bunnies, kittens performing pre-internet searches, it’s all just a bit twisted. I had a lot of fun doing it. Doing something because it’s joyous and wonderful and playful seems like a great reason to me. I hope that some of that joy rubs off on you and leaves an indelible stain on your brain.

Love and Kisses